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Christmas Panto and Rabbit hats!

I was delighted to receive a request recently from a prestigious Theatre Company in Scotland, Eden Court in Inverness.

They were in need of two bespoke rabbit hats, with an urgent deadline for the start of a new performance, and could I make them? Oh yes I could!

Here is a photo of the cast members in their hats - action shots of them in the as actual show are to follow.

This got me thinking. For many, a Christmas family tradition is seeing the local Panto.

Pantomime has its roots in 'Commedia dell'Arte', a traditional 16th-century Italian entertainment which used comedy, dance, music, tumbling, clowning and acrobatics, featuring a cast of mischievous characters and which also involved audience interaction.

The clown and the tumbling slapstick comedy that we know today, comes from this era, and was then known as The Harlequin.

British pantomime goes back to the early masques of the Elizabethan and Stuart days. These early masques were musical, mime or spoken dramas, usually performed in grand houses.

Whatever your family Christmas Panto traditions are, I hope you are enjoying this festive season.

With my very best wishes always,

Annie xx

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