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Yay! We’ve made it through January, which often feels like the longest month of the year! At least it now feels like brighter days are coming.

Valentines Day is now only two weeks away on 14th February, and is usually associated with love and lovers. Unfortunately, like so many things, it has become over commercialised, but the essence of love is still there.

But who was St Valentine?

Valentine was a temple priest, who the emperor Aurelius imprisoned for continuing to marry Christian soldiers, despite royal decree (Aurelius needed them to fight his wars).

In prison, Valentine cured his jailer’s daughter of blindness and the pair fell in love at first sight, literally!

Saint Valentine of Rome was then beheaded on February 14. On the eve of his death, he sent a passionate letter to his beloved, signed simply ‘your Valentine’.

And did you know, St Valentine is also the patron Saint of beekeeping and epilepsy, as well as the plague, fainting and traveling!

The popular act of handing a red rose to your lover was made famous by Robert Burns’ poem ‘My love is like a red red rose’.  It is actually the yellow crocus that is linked to St Valentine though.

I have some lovely hats and scarves which would make the perfect Valentines gift rather than flowers or chocolates - they will wrap your loved one up in love and keep them warm. And will last for many Valentines Days to come!

To celebrate Love, I have added a short sale to both my Etsy store and my website on all items.

The prices in my Etsy store already show the sale prices:

And for my website, please use the code BEMYVALENTINE:

With my love to you all, and very best wishes always,

Annie xx

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