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Bluey - The Australian Heeler family

Bluey is an Australian animated television series which premiered on in October 2018. The program is produced by Queensland-based company Ludo Studio. Since then, Bluey has gone on to become a worldwide hit, very popular with adults as well as children.

Bluey has been one of my most popular designs, and although these designs are no longer on my Etsy site, they are still available on my website. Indeed, I have created new characters this year.

So, who are the characters?

Bluey is a lovable six-year-old Blue Heeler puppy, full of energy and imagination. She loves to play games and have fun adventures with her family.

Bluey lives with her father Bandit, mother Chilli and younger sister Bingo who joins Bluey on often hilarious adventures.

Bluey is endlessly curious, enjoying exploring the big wide world around her. 

Her little sister Bingo is full of energy, and is creative and curious about the world too, loving to laugh and play games with her big sister Bluey, their friends, and family.

Their Dad Bandit is an archaeologist. He is a great role model for Dads everywhere and he loves family time and playing games with his two little girls.

Chilli is Bluey and Bingo’s mum, teaching them about the world and its challenges, with words of wisdom which can be great life lessons for us all.

Other characters featured each represent a different dog breed, and include cousins Muffin and Socks, Aunt Trixie and Uncle Stripe, Nana and their friend Rusty.

New for this year are The Grannies and Chattermax.

The Grannies are Bluey and Bingo’s personas when they play dress up, and again have hilarious adventures.

Chattermax is a toy Owllike character, based on the popular Furby toy from the late nineties.

I was also inspired to make a scarf in the Chattermax colours, by the Curry Quest episode. This sees Bluey learning to crochet a scarf, and is seen wearing it later in the story.

So, which is your favourite character, episode or saying from the Bluey programmes?

Here’s mine:

“Remember I am always here for you, even if you can't see me, because I love you.”

With my very best wishes to you all,

Annie xx

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